German Private Lessons

Designed for all Levels.

Specially designed course to suit your needs:

Private one-on-one lessons ensure you get the attention and material needed to Learn German at your own pace. Be it for personal reasons, or for applying to a German university, we will help you master the language and provide you with all the material needed.

Course Overview

PrivateOnline | Rüsselsheim3-4 days a week 3 hours a dayMorning and Afternoon
Private Lessons
Duration3-4 days a week
3 hours a day
PlaceOnline | Mainz
AvailabilityMorning &

Please note that:

  • The whole fees should be paid before two days of the onset of the course.
  • Students who don’t cancel their registration before four days of the onset of the course are considered officially registered and obliged to pay the complete fees.

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